About the P.T.A

About The Parent Teachers Association

How does the PTA function?

The PTA functions through an Executive Committee comprised of elected representatives and senior members of the School’s administrative team along with teacher representatives. Representatives are nominated and elected online via email and announced at the Annual General Meeting held in September at the beginning of the new Academic Year. The Executive Committee assists in co-ordinating parent and teacher activities with the aim of meeting the mission and objectives of Hillel Academy.

Executive Committee meetings are held monthly during term time.


All parents/guardians and teachers are automatically members of the PTA and their participation is encouraged and welcomed.

The PTA’s Motto for 2015-6 is Engage, Enlighten, Embrace.

The representatives for this Academic Year, 2015-16, are:

  • President: Estelle Naude
  • Vice President High School: Kinshasa Minott
  • Vice President Prep School: Monique Todd
  • Treasurer: Niamh Power
  • Secretary: Lisa Johnston
  • Sports Representative (prep school): Karen Vaz
  • Sports Representative (high school): Alma Grace Leahy
  • Fundraising Committee: Tania McConnell, Andrea Kinach, Carmela Azan

The Director, Principals of both high and prep schools, the Business Manager, the past President and teacher representatives also sit on the Committee.

Dues of J$2,000 per annum are collected from each family.

General Meetings
Meetings are held once per term and all members (ie, all parents) are expected to attend. Members of the School administration, and of the Board of Governors are often invited to lead the discussion. The PTA also organizes seminars and talks on issues concerning the School, parenting skills and educational topics with selected speakers and experts.

Individual School Support
In both the high and the prep school, each class has a Parent Representative or “class rep”, who liaises with their respective PTA Vice President, and acts also as the liaison between the class teacher and the parents.

Questions or Comments for the PTA
Please contact the president, Estelle Naude: enaude68@gmail.com
Questions or concerns can also be addressed to: pta@gohillel.com

Board of Governors
The President of the PTA is an invitee to monthly meetings of the Board of Governors.

Funds Raised and Spent by the PTA

Proceeds from all fundraisers are used to fund PTA activities and various projects deemed a priority by the school. The Executive Committee’s treasurer is responsible for maintaining and controlling the funds of the PTA along with the President. Regular treasurer’s reports are prepared showing the income and expenses of the PTA’s activities during the year. Any member of the PTA has access to these reports by requesting them from the treasurer. The annual reports containing the year’s income and expenditure are posted on the school’s website.

What makes us unique?

We have decades of experience transitioning students from and to schools in Canada, The United States of America, The United Kingdom and many other countries around the world.

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