Hillel Academy welcomes applications from families of all nationalities who share our philosophy and aims. While we accept students with a wide range of ability, our curriculum is challenging and our expectations are high, both academically and in terms of commitment to the life of the school through active participation in our wide-ranging activities programme and community service. Therefore, Hillel Academy accepts students only on the basis that our curriculum can meet their needs, and that they will benefit from our educational programme.

Applications for both immediate and future admission are considered at any time throughout the year. If there is no space available at the time of application, the student’s name is placed on a waiting list for the appropriate grade level. This list is carefully reviewed as openings become available. Parents who wish to withdraw their application should advise the school of their decision.

Registration forms must be completed and submitted (together with the Registration Fee of J$7,000) to the Admissions Manager, Christine Stiebel, or the Admissions and Business Support Manager, Tracy Melhado-Matalon. Please note that the completion of the Registration Form is the first step in seeking admission to Hillel Academy. It does not guarantee that a place will be offered.

The Admissions Committee meets to make the final decisions, taking into consideration our restrictions on class size and the availability of space in the relevant year group. Upon the successful completion of all entrance requirements a written offer of a place will be made.

Parents, or their representative companies, have 7 days in which to accept this offer of a place and to make payment of the non-refundable New Student Enrolment Fee, currently US$3,500 for International students and US$1,500 (or J$equivalent) for Jamaican students.


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