high school admission procedures

High School Admission Procedures


Grade 7 through 13

Grade 7
Students seeking admission from another school to our Grade 7 in the High School will be invited to our Information Evening where they will learn about the programmes in our High School and will be taken on a tour of the School by our Student Ambassadors.

Students will be required to sit an Entrance Examination in English, Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning, showing evidence that our curriculum can meet their needs, and that they will benefit from our challenging educational programme. This examination will be held in April or May.

Students may also apply for “Early Admission” and that sitting of the Entrance Examination takes place in late January or early February of the calendar year of admission.

Students applying from schools other than Hillel must also submit reports for the previous three years.

Grade 8 - 11
All other students seeking admission to the High School will be invited to spend the day with us during which they will be assessed at age/grade-appropriate levels in English and Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning and will be hosted by the teachers and our Student Ambassadors of their prospective grade.

These assessments can be arranged at any time throughout the year. Following their successful completion and the presentation of three years of school reports, a date will be set for the student and his/her parents to be interviewed by the Principal.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme/ Sixth Form
Students seeking admission to the Sixth Form will be invited to our International Baccalaureate Information Evening where they will learn about the I.B. Diploma Programme and will be taken on a tour of the School by our Student Ambassadors.

All prospective I.B. students will be invited to attend an interview and must satisfy the Admissions Panel that they have the proven ability to study successfully at this advanced level. Interviews begin in January and school reports for the last three years are required in advance of the interview. External examination results, (e.g. IGCSE, CXC ) are also required when available.

Note : Applications may be emailed to Tracy Melhado-Matalon at tmelhadomatalon@gmail.com and Christine Stiebel at cstiebel@gohillel.com.

What makes us unique?

We have an outstanding track record of academic achievement in external examinations, with IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and International Baccalaureate exam scores that are above world averages.

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