Please see below some questions that have been asked by many of our parents and we thought might be useful to share the answers with  you.


1. Can the hybrid model in the Roadmap for the school be clarified?

The school is preparing the campus for face-to face instruction and has invested heavily in the preparation of the campus to receive students. Direction will be taken for face-to-face lessons from the Ministry of Health, which currently has October 5, 2020 as the start date for the term.

Online classes will commence on September 14, 2020 with a review of the situation by October 5.

The school will continue to make plans to facilitate and support all students at this time.


2. Can the Prep School’s hybrid model be similar to the High School’s model?

This is being considered.


3. Is it possible to do virtual learning until January?

The school will be guided by the Ministry of Health and Wellness and depending on the country’s response to the pandemic,  the school will remain flexible but keeping very strictly to health guidelines.


4. What would fees be adjusted to if school is done virtually until January as the cost of conducting school virtually is presumably cheaper?

The school fees would not be adjusted. The school has had increased expenditure for many things including washing/sanitizing stations, thermal scanners, increase of the bandwidth etc.

Parents who are experiencing financial challenges are encouraged to contact the Financial Controller – Cecile Webster – to make arrangements.


5. Will Resource Packages be provided to K-1 students as this was well received in the last term?

Yes,  they will be provided for K1 students. Also, the school is exploring the option of having the K-1 through Grade 1 students attend in person lessons in small groups (pods).


6. When will the school communicate the class lists for the upcoming term?

This will be communicated before the start of the term in the welcome to the academic year letter. The classes will not be mixed and the same students will move up to the next grade.


7. With regards to book collection, how will books be picked up?

All parents will be given guidance from the class teacher and advised what dates and times they are to come to school to collect books.


8. Can parents opt to keep children at home for the term and return after the pandemic?

That is an option available to the parents but they must know that there is a waiting list for many classes. If there is space available upon your return you will be accommodated.


9. Is it possible to know how many parents are planning to send their children in person?

The school will accommodate every parent who wants to have their child attend in person.

Students will be spaced 6 feet apart which means that the smallest classrooms can accommodate 15 desk capacity per class. Should the numbers be greater than 15 then hybrid options will be considered in order to safeguard the health of the children.


10.  Parents are concerned that children will not be met at their individual levels and there is a huge concern for enrichment students. How will these concerns be addressed?

Teachers will conduct individual assessment and will work on developing strong teacher/student relationships. Last term most teachers were able to bond positively with the children over the online platform and we are confident in our teaching staff to work with the children through any challenge.

Special considerations are being discussed for children with Enrichment needs and the Enrichment Teachers will reach out to these parents on an individual basis. Parents with concerns may contact the Head of the Enrichment Department, Mrs. Karen Thwaites at

11. Will co-curricular activities normally offered in house by teachers be conducted this term?

Co-curricular activities will not be offered in September.


12. In light of the pandemic, can there be greater emphasis placed on the core subjects, Math, Language Arts etc., paying less attention to the specialist subject areas e.g. Spanish, Art etc.?

The school believes in a holistic approach to education and expects all students to participate in all classes that are scheduled. Homework assigned for the specialist areas will be reviewed to aid parents.


13. Can parents have the direct number for the teachers to allow for personal contact particularly when the students are offline?

Whereas some teachers willingly share their numbers with parents, that is not something that the school can mandate.  Teachers can be reached through e-mail on : First

Eg. Keleshia Dunkley - kdunkley@gohillel.comAlso, please send a courtesy copy of the e-mail to


14. Would students be required to wear uniform for online learning?

Yes, students will be required to wear their school uniform for online learnings.


15. How will the school manage a situation where a child falls ill during the school day and require isolation until pick up?

There will be an isolation Centre which in a separate area from the Wellness Centre.

The School Nurse will be supported by other members of staff should the need arise.

A child who falls ill during the school day must be collected immediately by the parents and will be allowed to return to school only after presenting a medical clearance.


16. Will parents be required to indemnify the school against liability with respect to student’s becoming infected with COVID-19 at school?

The Ministry of Health has provided no guidance on this specifically, however, legal advice is being explored by the school on this matter.

We appreciate that this is a real concern and want to encourage parents to do their utmost to protect their children against the risk of exposure at home, keep children home if they are unwell, encourage your children to keep their distance and sanitize their hands and to notify the School Nurse of any travel or health issues.


17. Will the school be providing masks branded with the school logo?

Branded masks will be on sale through the PTA. Details to follow. Students can also purchase their own masks in black, white, pale or dark blue.


18. Are they any updates for the students doing the PEP exams?

The Ministry has not to date provided an update on PEP.


19. When do parents have to choose the preferred learning model for their child?

All students will be doing online learning when school starts on September 14, 2020. A survey will be sent out before the mid-term break in October to ask parents at that time what choice they wish to make.


20. How will parents who have jobs on the “front-line” be handled?

Before we return face-to-face, all parents/ guardians will be asked to sign a code of conduct with the school. Each person has to take personal responsibility for their safety. Persons who have jobs that may put others in danger will have to be dealt with on an individual basis by the school.


21. How will the wearing of masks and movement be managed?

This has been explained in the Detailed Roadmap. Please refer to the following link:


22. How are teachers going to manage face to face and distance learning at the same time?

The teachers will be provided with assistance from the Teaching Assistants and Enrichment Team members as necessary. Technology will be used to ensure that the students at home and in class are working as simultaneously as possible.