Financial Controller / Property Manager

Financial Controller and Property Manager, Cecile Webster, CPA, joined the Hillel team in 2006. More than a bursar, Cecile wears many hats as she’s involved in virtually every aspect of the School’s operations. With an executive MBA from the Florida International University and an Undergraduate Degree in Accounting from Rutgers University, and after eight years at Hillel, Cecile is still enthusiastic about coming to work every day in a beautiful, safe and dynamic environment.

She enjoys the camaraderie and collegiality of her colleagues on the Senior Management Team, and especially the support of the Board, who she lauds for providing a working environment in which every employee at Hillel is outfitted with the tools they need to do their job to the highest standards. An avid BBC fan, it is rumored that she makes the best macaroni and cheese ever!