Mr. Lloyd Holmes

I have been at Hillel Academy since September 2004. Initially employed as Teacher of Geography, I  was appointed as Upper School Coordinator in May 2005, Diploma Programme Coordinator in May 2008 and High School Principal in September 2017.

I have a passion for learning and strongly believes that collaboration between school and home is critical in ensuring the continued growth of our students. I am committed to the maximum achievement of all our students through the development of higher-order thinking via multimodal instruction, that connects learning through real-world application, ensuring that teaching, learning and engagement is authentic. My aim is for Hillel to produce students who do not settle when they know they are capable of more and who, equipped with the lessons and values we have instilled within them, will fulfil our school motto of “learning for living”.

When not immersed in the dynamic teaching and learning environment that is Hillel Academy, I engage in my main past-times of playing the bass guitar, physical fitness and sports, reading and gardening.