Our first priority: a healthy and happy community

Our PTA is an collection of amazing people serving the school in various ways with the intent of making it better and more fun for our kids, and helping the school provide education in the best way we can assist.

The PTA isn't just a bunch of people working for the school. It consists of a committed Executive who work closely with the school management team, an energetic and supportive group of Class Representatives who support the Executive, and many, many parent volunteers who give freely of their time with only one expectation: that their support and assistance will result in a positive experience for their children!

Being part of the PTA, at times, requires hard work, long hours and a whole lot of enthusiasm - these are traits that our parents have in abundance! You will never lack in friendship, chatter, laughter and just good-old-fashioned community when you participate in an event with the PTA.

Our second priority: contributions for capital project investments

Of course, the PTA always needs more: with very limited resources, we always need more support (in time and in money) to give more. Our goal is to give financial support to capital investment projects approved by the school's Director.

The PTA has recently supported the ICT upgrade project, which has moved Hillel Academy closer to the forefront of 21st Century learning, including substantial upgrades to the School's internet connectivity. We are helping to make a huge difference to our students' capacities to learn, research and enjoy school!

We also support various other activities and events, including:

  • HEART Fund Run
  • 1K & 3K Race
  • Sports Day
  • Teacher's Day
  • Various Career and Educational Program Days
  • Other special events